Best Cheap Gaming Headsets Under $50 for 2019

As for gamers, playing games with the best gaming PCs is not sufficient. Gamers will love to experience a game with a gaming headset to enjoy vivid sound and imagine that they are actually in the game.

A gaming headset is a dedicated accessory just for gaming needs. Like the usual headsets, a gaming headset comes with two parts: an input device called as the mic or microphone and an output device called as speakers.

The gaming headsets have a large variety of price ranges, designs, and functions. If your budget is at around $50, following this article, we will recommend the best gaming headsets for 2019 for the gaming PCs, Xbox and PS4.

We reviewed many gaming headsets from many well-known brands based on the criteria below:

  • Microphone Usability
  • Sound Quality
  • Looks

Here are the 4 best cheap gaming headsets you should buy 

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

In our opinion, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best gaming headset for gamers for 2019 with many outstanding strengths.

HyperX Cloud Stinger


  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Cable Length: 1.3 m
  • Audio Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Frequency Response: 18Hz – 23.000Hz

About its design, the HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a steel sliding which has high durability. Although this headset is made of metal, its weight makes us impressed. It is a really lightweight headset that helps users feel convenient and comfortable when using.

This headset has perfect audio quality at this price. We played some games with this headset to test its quality. In general, the remarkable strong point of this headset is the bass. The sound quality and the bass is really calibrated for experiencing games which allow players can hear any small sounds including footsteps around them.

On the other hand, its microphone quality is also perfect. It comes with a great noise-canceling microphone which helps your teammates hear your voice and message distinctly.

Furthermore, it has also a couple of features to help you conveniently control it during the game such as turning off your mic with a flip-to-mute mic system, swiveling the ear cups up to 90 degrees. You can easily adjust its volume with the ergonomic buttons below the right ear cup. This headset will also allow you to choose between retracting or removing the microphone according to your needs.


  • 50 mm drivers with neodymium magnets
  • Low weight
  • Has memory foam padding
  • 90-degrees rotating ear cups
  • High audio quality
  • Swivel-to-mute microphone
  • Convenient controls


  • The microphone cannot be detachable


2. SADES A60 7.1

The SADES A60 is a USB gaming headset that is not only affordable but also easy to use for the gamers.

SADES A60 7.1


  • Weight: 1.21 lbs
  • Cable Length: 2.2 m
  • Audio Jack: USB
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

You can completely get a high-quality headset with a 7.1 surround audio system at this price

This headset comes with soft PU leather cushion head-pad and ear-pad combining with high-quality silicone material Microphone. Like the HyperX Cloud Stinger, this headset is lightweight. All features of this headset make gamers comfortable regardless of a long time.

Its audio quality really makes you excited. You are certainly satisfied although it is not the best gaming headset on our list. This headset has an excellent Xhammer 4D physical vibration and low-frequency sound triggering vibration. This makes the SADES A60 be more dominant than other headsets.

Its soft thick padding will protect your ears by securing and minimizing the pressure points. With a bigger ear padding, you will feel really comfortable during the using time.

Especially, this headset is equipped with a braided cable which is always better than others.

The SADES A60 has also notable features to help the gamers use it conveniently. You can mute your mic and adjust its volume directly.

You can easily modify the microphone by retracting if you feel obstructed when you playing games.

At this price, the SADES A60 is actually a good product you should consider.


  • USB 7.1  channel surround effect
  • Has a 4D physical vibration
  • Has a retractable all – direction microphone
  • Has extreme soft and ventilate Protein ear cushions
  • Good bass


  • Has normal microphone quality


3. Logitech G430

The Logitech G430 is the third product on our best gaming headset under $50. The name Logitech is no longer closed to gamers about high-quality peripherals and the G430 headset is no exception.

Logitech G430


  • Weight: 1.37 lbs
  • Cable Length: 2.3 m
  • Audio Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

It comes with an elegant and simple design with attractive colors. Its ear pads are made of sports-performance cloth that makes the gamers really comfortable, even after hours of use.

The ear cups like the other headsets can be swiveled 90 degrees according to your needs.  On the other hand, with the Dolby 7.1 surrounding sound system and a DTS, you can experience a 360 degrees sound field that allows you to hear any sounds you want.

The outstanding weakness of the Logitech G430 is the normal audio quality. Many gamers may be disappointed when experiencing. However, we think that it provides the needed performance and output well. You can clearly hear the small sound details such as the footsteps, the gunshots,…

It is equipped with noise-canceling mic to reduce background noise but this feature is not really efficient.


  • X and Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • Has rotating ear cups
  • Sports – performance ear pads
  • Easy to control the cable


  • Has normal sound quality


4. Turtle Beach Recon 50X

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X is the best option if you are an Xbox user.

Turtle Beach Recon 50X


  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Cable Length: 1.2 m
  • Audio Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

It comes with the two adjustable ear cups according to your head size. The position of the slider can be modified to fit any head sizes of the gamers.

With the high-quality leather material, the ear cups make the players really relaxed regardless of wearing for hours on end.

If you do not use the microphone to communicate with teammates, you can easily remove it.

Like most headsets on our list, the Turtle Beach Recon 50X is also equipped with in-line volume control, but it is more dominant thanks to the tactile feel when you turn on or off the microphone.

The greatest weakness of this headset will make most gamers disapproved because of lacking a noise-canceling function. So it may considerably affect users’ gaming experiences.

As stated above, the Turtle Beach Recon 50X is the best option for the Xbox One. You can plug it into a port of your Xbox One’s audio and easily experience your games. However, with an Xbox 360, you will need an adapter because it is not compatible with Xbox 360.


  • Great microphone quality
  • The microphone can be detached
  • Great surround sound
  • Easy to control
  • Swivel ear cups


  • No noise-canceling headset



Overall, we can completely get the best gaming headset under $50. We hope you can properly choose the best one for you to have many exciting experiences during gaming time.

If you have any questions about gaming headsets as well as gaming devices, tell us down the comments. We are always willing to hear your idea.

Best Cheap Gaming Headsets Under $50 for 2019
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